Most of RW’s critical prose was first published by literary quarterlies and is not available online. Below is a selection of some prose pieces that can be accessed online.

RW writes about David Bottoms for Literary Matters.

David Bottoms’ “Transfiguring Angels” | Literary Matters

RW writes about Michael D. Hurley’s Faith in Poetry for The New Criterion.

Conversions & verses | The New Criterion

RW’s lecture/essay, “How to Think Like a Poet,” is available for free at Dappled Things, though also for sale via Wiseblood Books for those who wish to support small presses and authors.

How To Think Like a Poet — Dappled Things

RW writes about Wesley Rothman’s “From the Book of the Living” for 32 Poems.

The Quick, The Dead | 32 Poems Magazine